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Moving your employees along the continuum until they reach the final stage in learning/training to the point where someone asks "how do you do that?" and they respond "I don't know, I just do it."

Loading docks can be very busy and dangerous places. There are many little things that can improve safety and productivity. This month, we focus on four major components of improving the safety of your pedestrians working on and around your docks and doors.

In this article we examine 5 things your sick forklift might tell you about its situation, and its friends and co-workers.

When it comes to forklift safety, a lot of emphasis is placed upon safe forklift operation; as it should be. What we see quite frequently, though, is a lack of training for employees working in a warehouse situation but who do not operate forklifts but merely work around them all day, every day. Working around them without knowledge pertaining to their potential hazards creates a dangerous scenario for catastrophe.

OSHA has revealed which categories topped their list of citations for 2019. See the list and where once again, forklifts landed on it.

Whether it’s en employee that can’t keep his cool or a forklift that’s operating above normal recommended temperatures, they all can cost you money and eat away at your bottom line. This month’s Feature Article highlights the “what you need to know” and “why” of your forklift’s cooling system.

Over 40 years ago OSHA was founded. Their goal was to make the workplace safer by setting standards that all companies must abide by. Fast forward to today and see the results this dynamic agency has had on worker safety.

Summer months are upon us and heat related injuries and illnesses can sneak up on employees quickly. These quick tips will help you, help them stay healthy and more productive this summer.

AM Davis Lift ProMat 2019 Wrap-up - Learn what we learned about the future of logistics, handling and retrieval at this year's ProMat convention. 

AM Davis offers a few tips and suggestions to minimize the costs of your forklift tires.

Forks and chains bear the brunt of daily lifting, moving and depositing of heavy loads. One failure of either part could lead to product damage, injury or even death. Find out what to be aware of and how to properly inspect these vital forklift parts.

We talk a great deal about safety, productivity, inspections, and how these can lower your overall operating costs. There are also factors to consider when operating a forklift fleet that can be costly if overlooked.

The colder winter months are upon us, and with them comes the potential for bottom-line profits to seep out your warehouse doors, resulting in higher utility bills. In addition, air quality becomes an issue as the doors close and forklift emissions become a concern for employee safety and productivity. Fortunately, there are several low-cost solutions to help keep the warm air inside your warehouse and minimize the impact of carbon emissions. 

Few things can cripple productivity like the flu, and the season is upon us. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people contract the flu, and the costs mount for them and your operation. Find out what the flu really costs us and how we can work to limit its effect on our material handling operations this season.

Like an annual trip to your local physician for a check-up, a well thought out Planned Maintenance agreement with a qualified and reputable service company can dramatically increase the longevity of your equipment as well as significantly reduce your operating costs.

Tax deductions are still available on NEW and USED equipment, but it must be IN SERVICE by December 31, 2018. Learn more and get a quote on new or used forklifts or other material handling equipment and save on your 2018 tax bill.

When we think of OSHA and material handling, we all too often think simply of operator training. But the guidelines for keeping forklift operators and pedestrians safe extend far beyond the scope of training.  However, before we address these areas of concern, let’s take a quick look at some of the lesser-known conditions for which operator training is required...

Over the years we have seen hundreds of cost-cutting measures by materials handling companies. They vary by application, geography and equipment. But there are a few that have universally proven to lower total materials handling costs. This Feature Article highlights a few you can do right now that will make a bottom-line impact on your business.

As managers and owners, we want a safe work environment for all of our employees. Unfortunately, all too often it escapes us. Time passes quickly, and initiatives that were once important standards become guidelines or even merely suggestions. How can we ensure that when we put safety measures in place, they will stay in place as employees come and go in a business climate that is constantly in flux?

While most of us won’t be able to attend, there are things we can do to take advantage of this day to help create awareness about the dangers that forklifts present and how to minimize the potential for accidents that can result in injury, death, damage to your facility or equipment, and financial losses.

Like anything else in life, whether it’s your car, your home or even your body, planning and conducting preventive maintenance creates long-term benefits that are well worth the investment. Why would your forklift and other materials handling equipment be any different?

Safety is one of the primary pillars of a productive and profitable material handling operation. Unfortunately, most small to mid-size companies to not have the resources for a safety and compliance manager, much less a safety department. OSHA has tools available to these companies, like yours, to help you not only gain compliance, but how to look at your operation with a “safety eye” and help you identify potential hazards before they become health, safety or legal issues.

There are vast differences in teaching someone something and training them to do it properly. Forklift operator training is no different. Here, we explore those differences and what they can mean to your material handling operation.

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