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UniCarriers Electric Stand-up Forklift
3,000 - 4,000 LB. Capacity Electric Stand-up Counterbalance Forklift

UniCarriers, AC Powered SCX N2 Series is a workhorse that combines extraordinary maneuverability with exceptional performance in a truck that’s both powerful and highly efficient. Specifically designed for applications that require operators to frequently get on and off of the truck, the SCX N2 is loaded with ergonomic features like the lowest entry step in the industry and a suspended floorboard to reduce operator fatigue and maximize productivity.

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UniCarriers SCX N2 Stand-up Electric Forklift
SCX N2 Specifications
SCX N2 Features
UniCarriers SCX N2 Electric Stand-up Forklift Performance Information

Smooth Moves

The SCX N2 can turn within its own footprint for unsurpassed maneuverability. A compact wheelbase and two individually controlled AC motors make short work of tight turns.

3 Customizable Performance Modes = Greater Productivity

Optimize performance based on the application, work environment or operator experience with three factory-set modes to easily customize your lift truck to your business. Or further customize any or all of those 3 settings to create your own precise mix of power and control.

UniCarriers SCX N2 Stand-up electric forklift control features

Intelligent Curve Control

The SCX N2 Series control system is constantly monitoring the steering angle and speed of the truck and automatically reduces travel speeds when cornering too quickly.

Passive Sway Control

The control system is programmed to automatically lessen carriage and mast sway when loads are lifted above 11.5 ft. Very slight chassis movements act as a dampener and instantly absorb sway to help secure loads at height.

Ramp Hold

If the travel control is returned to neutral while traveling on a ramp, the controller will reduce and stop movement down the slope.


Operator Presence

The SCX N2 floorboard has two pedals and an anti-slip ergonomic floormat:

The traction pedal (left) is required for drive functions and allows you to travel forward and reverse.

The presence pedal (right) is required for all functions – hydraulic and travel.

The floorboard keeps the operator’s feet in a safe operating position beneath the lip of the entry.

If both pedals are NOT depressed, the truck will be not travel in any direction, helping to keep both the operator and the surroundings safe.

Automatic Steer Centering

This feature returns the drive tire to the forward position when the truck is powered on or off, helping to prevent the unit from jogging to the left or right upon startup. This can help reduce HSE risks if someone is standing next to the truck.


Electronically adjustable armrest and backrest

The padded armrest and 60" backrest are electronically adjustable by up to 4" to accommodate operators of different sizes.

Integrated Control Handle

The SCX control handle is integrated into the armrest and adjusts simultaneously with the armrest and backrest for superior ergonomic positioning.

Plush Surroundings

The operator compartment features a padded and adjustable armrest and backrest, in addition to knee and waist padding for 270° cushioning to prevent discomfort and fatigue.

A Smooth Ride

Unlike most competitive forklifts, the platform of the SCX N2 is spring-loaded and dampened, to provide a suspended compartment that is easily customizable to each operator’s weight and preference.

Easy Entry

The SCX N2 has a low, 9.4" step height along with a wide compartment entry – an ideal design for operators who are constantly getting on and off the truck.

UniCarriers SCX N2 Stand-up electric forklift reliability features

All new AC electric power steering allows operators to have more precise steering control with minimal effort, less noise, and less maintenance than hydraulic steering.

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